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Australia is a unique and diverse country in every way - in culture, education, population, climate, geography, and history. Australia is predominantly an English speaking country, with a population of approximately 21 million people. Australians enjoy one of the world's highest standards of living, and is home to people from over 190 countries and its diverse cultural identity is one of Australia's greatest strengths, with at least one in five Australians born overseas. Australians believe that everyone is equal, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or social standing. Australians enjoy equal social, legal and political rights, which are protected by the Australian Constitution.

Education in Australia has been flourishing in recent years, with respected educational institutions that feature cutting edge curriculum and high quality teachers. International students can choose from hundreds colleges and universities, selecting programs ranging from short-term English language instruction, to in depth Undergraduate, Postgraduate or at doctorate level work. The international students are offered with a wide choice to select from any institution according to their choice locations and size, making it easy for students to find a institution that is just the right fit for their personal aims and interests. An education in Australia is sure to serve students well in any field, no matter what their future career goals may be. Every international Student who comes to study in Australia receives an affordable education with competitive tuition fee prices and numerous financial aid possibilities and these Financial aid and scholarships opportunities are available to students who meet the requirements.

Student FAQS

After gaining the Australian qualification as a student and come back to my home country will the qualifications be valued in my Home Country?
Yes the Australian qualifications are highly respected internationally when seeking employment or further study at leading international universities. Distinguishing Australia from many other countries is the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) which is a national system of learning pathways recognised throughout Australia and by other countries.

What are the minimum entry requirements for international students to study at Australian institutions?
All International Students must meet the minimum academic requirements and need a sufficient level of English language proficiency for entry to Australian education and training institutions. Institutions will assess your application and documents and will see whether you meet the selection criteria set for your proposed course of study. The institution will look at the level and content of the study you have completed in your home country.

Do I need any type of a Visa to come to study in Australia?
Definately, you need a student visa to come to study in Australia and to be granted with a student visa you must complete a visa application form, lodge it with all the documents required, pay the application charge and satisfy the student visa requirements. You can be granted a student visa only if you intend to study a registered course on a full-time basis and met with the immigration requirements and most importantly you must comply with a number of visa conditions after you have entered Australia for study purposes.

How much does it cost to study in Australia?
According to the Australian Government survey in terms of total costs—including tuition fees and living expenses—Australia was consistently less expensive than the USA and UK. Tuition fees will vary depending on the course or institution of your choice. Living costs too will vary by location, lifestyle and the course selected by the student.

Are scholarships available for international students?
Yes. Scholarships benefits are available for international students in almost all the universities in Australia however most are offered for postgraduate study in major universities. The majority of international students in Australia are the full-fee paying students and are not awarded by scholarship benefits. But you can still be eligible to have scholarship benefit as most of the universities in Australia offering Vice Chancellor scholarships on the basis of the student merit, percentage/marks and overall achievement in education. Please check for the same with university before applying.

Can I work in Australia while my studies in Australia?
Yes. All International students in Australia on a student visa can apply for permission to work up to 40 hours per fortnight during course time and full-time during vacation periods. For further information on working while studying in Australia go to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website.

What if, the student do not meet the entry requirements of the Australian institution or a university?
If as a student you do not meet the entry requirements for further study you can enrol in the secondary school in Australia. If you want to study in UG level and do not meet undergraduate course entry requirements you may be able to enrol yourself in Foundation/Diploma Studies which will prepare you to continue your further study in Australia and can reserve a provisional place in your proposed course. You may also enrol yourself in the Bridging Courses through which you may choose to study Master level programs. You can also check with other institutions offering English language courses with starting dates all round the year to prepare you for further study in Australia. It is recommended that you seek advice from the institution about meeting their entry requirements before applying for admission into your selected courses and institutions











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