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After gaining the Australian qualification as a student and come back to my home country will the qualifications be valued in my Home Country?
Yes the Australian qualifications are highly respected internationally when seeking employment or further study at leading international universities. Distinguishing Australia from many other countries is the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) which is a national system of learning pathways recognised throughout Australia and by other countries.

What are the minimum entry requirements for international students to study at Australian institutions?
All International Students must meet the minimum academic requirements and need a sufficient level of English language proficiency for entry to Australian education and training institutions. Institutions will assess your application and documents and will see whether you meet the selection criteria set for your proposed course of study. The institution will look at the level and content of the study you have completed in your home country.

Do I need any type of a Visa to come to study in Australia?
Definately, you need a student visa to come to study in Australia and to be granted with a student visa you must complete a visa application form, lodge it with all the documents required, pay the application charge and satisfy the student visa requirements. You can be granted a student visa only if you intend to study a registered course on a full-time basis and met with the immigration requirements and most importantly you must comply with a number of visa conditions after you have entered Australia for study purposes.

How much does it cost to study in Australia?
According to the Australian Government survey in terms of total costs—including tuition fees and living expenses—Australia was consistently less expensive than the USA and UK. Tuition fees will vary depending on the course or institution of your choice. Living costs too will vary by location, lifestyle and the course selected by the student.

Are scholarships available for international students?
Yes. Scholarships benefits are available for international students in almost all the universities in Australia however most are offered for postgraduate study in major universities. The majority of international students in Australia are the full-fee paying students and are not awarded by scholarship benefits. But you can still be eligible to have scholarship benefit as most of the universities in Australia offering Vice Chancellor scholarships on the basis of the student merit, percentage/marks and overall achievement in education. Please check for the same with university before applying.

Can I work in Australia while my studies in Australia?
Yes. All International students in Australia on a student visa can apply for permission to work up to 40 hours per fortnight during course time and full-time during vacation periods. For further information on working while studying in Australia go to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website.

What if, the student do not meet the entry requirements of the Australian institution or a university?
If as a student you do not meet the entry requirements for further study you can enrol in the secondary school in Australia. If you want to study in UG level and do not meet undergraduate course entry requirements you may be able to enrol yourself in Foundation/Diploma Studies which will prepare you to continue your further study in Australia and can reserve a provisional place in your proposed course. You may also enrol yourself in the Bridging Courses through which you may choose to study Master level programs. You can also check with other institutions offering English language courses with starting dates all round the year to prepare you for further study in Australia. It is recommended that you seek advice from the institution about meeting their entry requirements before applying for admission into your selected courses and institutions


What support can be expected as International Student from the UK University?
Primarily, most universities run orientation programmes to get international students acquainted with the term format and the campus facilities, as well as providing continuous student support. In addition if, you meet the eligibility criteria you may also be entitled to free tuition and study skills classes aimed specifically at students from abroad. Students can go to the university’s International Office to find out more.

What type of Accommodation I must book as a International student?
It is suggested to all international students to find accommodation somewhere to live while studying overseas is one of your biggest decisions in life. The student must find out what types of accommodation affordable and suits them.
It’s wisely advice to start making arrangements as soon as you have been accepted onto a Diploma/ Degree course.
Some universities guarantee on-campus accommodation for postgraduates. There are different types of places to live to choose from:
Hostels are the best alternative if you are unable to get a place in a hall of residence or you are coming to the UK for the first time
Halls of residence large, exclusively student-occupied accommodation, normally maintained by the university. Residents live in study bedrooms, either alone or sharing with another student.
Flats and houses one can rent after living in the UK for a while, you can also share a furnished flat or house with your friends if, you want. You may share the rent, heating and lighting bills, the food bills and the cleaning. It can be cheaper than other types of accommodation available here and you can live close with people of your choice.
Lodgings a rented bedroom in a private house. The landlord will also live in the house. You will have to adapt your lifestyle to fit in with theirs and respect the customs of the household.
Some useful Information on your Student Visa
Student visas are part of the Tier 4 category of visas. It is required by students aged 18 or above who are from outside the EU, are enrolled or want to enroll in the courses lasting longer than six months and/or wish to work while studying. Student who wishes to apply under Tier 4 visas are awarded on a points-based system, with 40 points required to be eligible for the visa. Above all your chosen institution will also need to have achieved ‘Highly Trusted’ sponsor status from the UK Border Agency (UKBA) and must check
with UKBA website before applying, to know the current status of the TIER-4 Sponsor eligible to sponsor you under this category.

How do I apply for a visa?
Students must visit the website of UK Border Agency prior to making their student visa application ready. You can also check the documents required by the UKBA and must check the eligibility.

To successfully apply for a student visa student will need to:

  • study on a course recognised by the UKBA as an acceptable programme;
  • must provide a confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS) number from your chosen institution;
  • be able to demonstrate an appropriate level of English language competency;
  • be able to provide confirmation of sufficient funding to cover course fees and living costs;
  • submit the appropriate forms and documentation, including passports, photographs and proof of identity/address and date of birth certificate.

If you wish to extend your student visa, you must apply well in advance of your current one expiring. Never wait until after your visa expires, as this will affect future applications and could lead to you being deported.


Do i need a Visa to travel and Student Pass to come to study in Singapore?
As a foreign Student you must apply for a Student's Pass if, you are accepted by an educational institution to pursue full-time studies in Singapore.

As soon you receive the Letter of Acceptance from the school which is valid for 2 weeks, the applicant must proceed to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) to apply for a Student’s Pass. For applicants who require a visa to enter Singapore, please ensure that your application for the Student Pass is submitted to the ICA at least 2 months but not more than 6 months before the course commencement date.

With the launch of EduTrust, all private education institutions will need to be certified with EduTrust to offer school placement for international students.

For more information, please refer to

How to enrol and what documents are required for Letter of Acceptance?
You need to fill & complete application form of the college, must submit the Copy of highest academic qualification and highest academic transcripts, Photocopy of passport/NRIC, Latest CV (if applicable for Masters degree application), One passport-sized photograph of the applicant and Program application fee.

What type of accommodation options available for students?
You may choose from different types of accommodation like:

University ~ Halls of Residence

Private Hostel

Room in public housing

Whole unit in public housing

Room in private housing

Whole unit in private housing

How much does it cost on an average for the accommodation in Singapore?
It is estimated that the international student needs a minimum of $ 750 to 1500 per month.

Can a international student expect any sought special support service from its Course Provider?
Yes. Most of the Educational institutions in Singapore provide few special support services to its international students. Some Institutions have a special International Students support Office to cater to the specific needs of such students. Assistance provided in the range from helping students to look for accommodation, to advice on financial, social and other matters. Please approach the college/university, International Students Office for more information and help during your education.

Am i eligible to study in Singapore?
Please fill in the enquiry form available and your query will be answered shortly.--------


Do I need a visa to study in New Zealand?
Yes. You need a student visa to study in New Zealand as a international student. While some countries residents do not need a visa to study in New Zealand. But most of the international students need a valid visa to study in New Zealand and have to satisfy the visa requirements set out by the Immigration New Zealand according to the length of the program chosen. As a international student you must check whether your chosen course is NZQA approved.

Will it be easy for me to get a job after I finishing my course in New Zealand?
It fully depends on you as the employer's expect and see the real skills with real results. Your education in New Zealand can give a great start to your career, however your employment success is mainly upto you. If you have a right attitude and are committed to finding work then the chances of getting a job that suits your particular skills and qualifications are very high. Moreover you can contact some employment company in New Zealand which can really support you in searching for a job in your related interest and area after successful completion of your studies.

Is it safe to study in New Zealand?
Yes. New Zealand is known for its multicultural population, making it a friendly and accepting host country. Diverse religions and cultures are respected and warmly welcomed in this country. New Zealand has good population of international students itself means that there are many facilities and support options for international students here. New Zealand cities are very safe and clean with low crime rates, low levels of political unrest. While New Zealand is considered to be a safe country to live and to study, it is advised that you should still exercise caution, particularly with your personal details and important documents – as you should in any country

What are the major student visa requirements?
The following conditions are to be met while applying for a Study Permit to New Zealand.


What are the requirements to study in Dubai as a International Student?
Other than the minimum educational requirement which is required to be met as a international student it is also good to have a minimum average score of 60% in senior secondary school in your home country so that you can think to enrol in some good professional program. Some very Usual requirements in order for you to qualify in a university in UAE includes filling up an application form and all related documents such as school and employment records. Student should be able to pay the required fees. Transcripts are also required but a good academic standard will make a good impression to the people who will assess your qualification. Some tests such as TOEFL or IELTS should also be taken prior making application to study in a university. Recommendation letters are also highly recommended. Passing rates for exams as well as your passport is also a key document for admission etc.

Is it really hard to get a Student Visa?
No. It is not that hard to get a visa to study in UAE. If, you pass medical test and also submits the correct and genuine information with your application. For getting a student visa a student must satisfy the requirements of concern University. The requirements for student’s visa might be different depending upon the university. But it isn't really hard to get a student visa because you are sponsored by university.

Is the IELTS/TOEFL test certificate required to apply in a University?
Yes. It is required to have English proficiency certificate before you apply in some credit level undergraduate or Post graduate professional program.

Is it possible to take part-time job on student visa in Dubai?
Yes. International Students can work part time for 20 hours a week in free zone areas but they are required to get the permission from universities.

How hot does it get in Dubai?
The temperatures reaches 48ºC to 50ºC, the heat is stifling and air-conditioning is essential. Restaurants close outside dining areas.

Is it really beneficial for a student to choose to study in Dubai?
Yes. There are many advantages of studying in UAE. Firstly, expenses are not really a problem for you and you can prove this by comparing the normal UAE student expenses to other countries nearby, including European and Asian countries. Another important thing is that Studying in UAE will not limit one to being a student alone. It can also give you a chance to work and have an income of your own. Moreover, you can do both at the same time. You can also attend evening classes if, you use your time in the morning for work. Food and transportation is not something you will have to worry because the cost is very affordable and convenient. As for students, you can have a great chance in having a good experience with just not only doing your studies but also to work. Moreover, the Universities also give chance to all its students to have different experience and prepare students for the professional workload. It’s a right decision if, you make a decision to study here.


When can I apply for admission in Cyprus?
Cyprus follows the semester system of education. The academic year runs for two semesters and one summer session and you can apply for entry into either one of the semesters or the summer session. More specifically the starting dates and duration of the semesters and the summer session are:



Fall Semester 2010
27 September 2010 – 21 January 2011

Spring Semester 2011
31 January 2011 – 27 May 2011

Summer Session 2011
6 June 2011 – 22 July 2011

Which Courses are mostly offered to international student in Cyprus?
You may choose from the range of courses available in the different colleges and university of Cyprus. Courses like: Business Administration, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Secretarial Studies, MIS (Management Information System), Health Programs, Community programs are more in demand.

At what level a student may enrol?
Based upon your education qualification in your home country you may decide to enrol in a Diploma, Under Graduate and Post Graduate program in Cyprus.

What is the minimum English requirement to take admission?
English is not a criterion for taking admission in Colleges. All students will have to take the English Placement Test (EPT) in order to identify their level of English before starting studying the main course. Students who are weak in English will take intensive English courses in the first Semester. Students who have passed TOEFL with a minimum score of 550 (paper-based total) or 213 (computer-based total), English GCSE 'O' Level with 'C' or IELTS with 6.5 will be exempt from the EPT.

Do I have to meet certain visa requirements as a international student?
Yes. you need to fulfil the minimum Education requirement, must have Admission Offer from the Course Provider, Police Character Certificate, Medical (Good Health) Certificate, Bank letter (Bank statement should be at least 9 Lac PKR), Passport copy, Affidavit of sponsor, Photographs.

Do i have to deposit the Full Tuition fee prior to my student visa approval?
No, you can pay the Tuition on or after your Visa Approval from the Consulate of Cyprus.

Do I have to attend Embassy Interview?
Yes. It is required to attend the Embassy interview at the Consulate of Cyprus, New Delhi, India on a given date.

Can a College help a student in arranging accommodation?
Yes. Colleges/Institutions can assist the students in finding from the range of accommodation from Halls of Residence, Private apartments to Student Apartments.

On Campus Residence Hall: The student can find residence Hall with fully furnished double and single rooms with central heating and cleaning services. The Residence Hall has kitchen facilities, laundry room.

Private Apartments: The College can arrange private apartments which are situated in quiet neighbourhoods just off the College campus and located just 900 meters away from campus. Each apartment has its own living and dining area, kitchen and bathroom, which are fully furnished with single beds, desks, book shelves, chest of drawers, wardrobes, dining table & chairs. The kitchen is equipped with a cooker, oven and refrigerator. All apartments have controlled heating and air conditioning units. The contract period for the Wisdom House Apartments is one year and the contract period for Harmony House is nine months.

Are the Programs of Study offered to international students accredited by the Cyprus Ministry of Education?
The Programs of Study offered by EUC are fully accredited and therefore recognized by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture.











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