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If you are a student and planning to study in New Zealand as a international student then it is a ideal place for you to study as the Educational institutions in New Zealand offer a wide variety of courses and the country welcomes international students from all parts of the world. Students interested and planning to study in New Zealand can be assured of achieving qualifications that are at a standard comparable to qualifications achieved in leading educational institutions in other parts of the world.


Never underestimate the value of the smile of the one wishing you as it only indicates pleasure at meeting the other person.

Greetings are casual, often consist of a simple handshake and or a smile. Although New Zealanders move to call first names quickly, but it is best to address them by their honorific title and surname until they suggest moving to a more familiar level or they call you by your first name.

Quick Facts

Location: Oceania, islands in the South Pacific Ocean, southeast of Australia

Capital: Wellington

Population: 3,993,817 (July 2004 est.)

Ethnic Make-up: New Zealand European 74.5%, Maori 9.7%, other European 4.6%, Pacific Islander 3.8%, Asian and others 7.4%

Religions: Anglican 24%, Presbyterian 18%, Roman Catholic 15%, Methodist 5%, Baptist 2%, other Protestant 3%, unspecified or none 33% (1986)

Language: The three official languages of New Zealand are English, Maori and NZ Sign Language. English is the language of day-to-day business within New Zealand, a remnant of ties to the British Commonwealth. Maori and English are used throughout the country in various television and radio programs. As with other regions in the world where two cultures have been mixed, English has influenced Maori and Maori has influenced English. English has introduced motuka (car) and Maori has replied with taboo (tapu).
Many places in New Zealand have been christened with two names - one English, one Maori (the original Maori name and the adopted English one). And, in some cases, these names are used interchangeably.

Currency: $ New Zealand


AIS. St. Helens, Auckland.

International College of Auckland

Royal Business College, Christchurch

St. George College, Auckland

Lifeway College

Student FAQS

Do I need a visa to study in New Zealand?
Yes. You need a student visa to study in New Zealand as a international student. While some countries residents do not need a visa to study in New Zealand. But most of the international students need a valid visa to study in New Zealand and have to satisfy the visa requirements set out by the Immigration New Zealand according to the length of the program chosen. As a international student you must check whether your chosen course is NZQA approved.

Will it be easy for me to get a job after I finishing my course in New Zealand?
It fully depends on you as the employer's expect and see the real skills with real results. Your education in New Zealand can give a great start to your career, however your employment success is mainly upto you. If you have a right attitude and are committed to finding work then the chances of getting a job that suits your particular skills and qualifications are very high. Moreover you can contact some employment company in New Zealand which can really support you in searching for a job in your related interest and area after successful completion of your studies.

Is it safe to study in New Zealand?
Yes. New Zealand is known for its multicultural population, making it a friendly and accepting host country. Diverse religions and cultures are respected and warmly welcomed in this country. New Zealand has good population of international students itself means that there are many facilities and support options for international students here. New Zealand cities are very safe and clean with low crime rates, low levels of political unrest. While New Zealand is considered to be a safe country to live and to study, it is advised that you should still exercise caution, particularly with your personal details and important documents – as you should in any country

What are the major student visa requirements?
The following conditions are to be met while applying for a Study Permit to New Zealand.

Quick View

Student Visa application form and the supplementary information form with two passport size photograph affixed.
Please fill in the forms carefully, sign and date them.
Covering letter
Please give the background of the student covering the evidence of funds and the student’s English Language ability and a statement of Purpose should be in student hand writing.

Student Requirements

Offer of a place from the Course Provider, Educational Certificates (with translations if required), Passport or travel document, Photograph
Must meet the Financial Requirement

All applying students must submit evidence of sufficient funds for maintenance during their stay in New Zealand.

Evidence of Income and Source of Income Parents/Sponsor

Funds Transfer Scheme

It is scheme in which the students may choose to transfer 12 months’ living expenses to a bank account in NZ, in addition to paying the tuition fee for 1year. The amount deposited in the bank is locked for a period of 12 months and then drip fed to the student on a prearranged basis. This facility is for those students who genuinely want to study in New Zealand but do not have funds older than six months.

To learn more about the Funds Transfer Scheme:

English language requirement, Evidence of Employment
Current and Past working experience

Good Health and Character Requirements.











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