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What are the services that you offer to your customer or clients?

  • Career Counseling
  • Awareness Seminars
  • Acceptance by selected institutions
  • Guidance for pre-visa applications
  • Assistance for Lodging of Visa applications
  • Travel arrangements
  • Pre-departure guidelines
  • Guidance with foreign exchange and remittance of fees to the Institution
  • Arrangement of airport pick-up and temporary accommodation in co-ordination with the destination institution
  • Free Short Personality Development Programme
  • Free one week IELTS Trial classes
  • Booking the student with IELTS Test

Partner Institutions

Student Recruitment

SBOEC has been recruiting students for the past 7 years. We have recruited a good number of our prospective students to various institutions in Australia, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Mauritius and various parts of Europe. We have many satisfied partner institutions around the world.

All our counselors are well trained and are competent enough to recruit for multiple destinations and institutions. Our Institutions can expect a highly professional representation through our network offices in North India.

Market Intelligence

Through our network and a high number of student recruitment volumes, we are in such a position to tap into current Indian market trends. We work in such a system through which we enable ourselves to analyze, collate and produce graphical information and reports on market conditions.

We are always ready to share the market intelligence with all our institutional partners as part of our commitment to achieve the best results for them through our current knowledge and update about the market.

Education Seminars

SBOEC undertakes educational seminars at various locations around India throughout the year, especially during peak seasons and through such events the hosts’ representatives of our partner institutions comes to meet a high number of students.

Students attending the seminars are already counseled by our expert counselors and hence are well prepared to meet the institutional representatives and gain maximum knowledge through the direct interaction with each other.

Marketing Campaigns

SBOEC is in a position to undertake customized marketing campaigns for our institutions through the coverage of our network and the strength of our customer database.

With our working of more than 7 years in the higher education sector, in these extremely diverse markets, the experience has enhanced our knowledge and understanding about the expectations & market dynamics.

We respect market diversity and expectations, therefore, we do not believe in a mass market campaigns. Instead, we work with institutions on effective marketing strategies to meet the most appropriate outcomes in terms of brand visibility, brand awareness, increased student enrollments etc.


SBOEC can assist institutions with printing, manufacturing, designing, and distributions of promotional materials, brochures and marketing banners at an affordable price with good quality.

Our associated Advertising Agency can deliver the material at a substantial cost therefore the institutions can save much since we can source these from low cost destinations such as India and Sri Lanka. We are sure that the quality of the materials we source to our partner institution will meet the highest world standards and quality.











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  • Vivek Chaudhary

    Thank you very much SBOEC, Chandigarh, for help in study in Australia.

    Neetu Singh Suhag

    Doing my diploma in Social Work from Australia.Thanks SBOEC .

    Harsimran Singh

    I dreamed to go for my higher education in New Zealand. Thk's to sboec i am living my dream.

  • Amandeep Singh Gill

    I am writing to recognize SBOEC to guidance through my Degree in Software Engineering application process for USA. I had very Specific requirements with respect to my course and city. What i found special is that they showed high level of knowledge and awareness.

    Neena Prashar

    In my view, and my experience with SBOEC, they deserve to be appreciated for its work and assisting students with the right information in higher education sector.

    Sunil Sharma

    I appreciate the sincere effort put by SBOEC team to push my case and eventually get my admission through to a prestigious Australian college.