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Singapore is country where one can feel the presence of an international mix of institutions, a high quality and rigorous education system, and a nation that believes in investing in education, will together offer students here and all over the world, an enriching and fulfilling learning journey. Every Individual acquire the relevant skills and abilities to survive in competitive environments and is well equipped for a brighter future through world class education offered in Singapore.

At the tertiary level, on top of the 4 renowned locally grown universities, Singapore has attracted more than 10 world-class institutions with strong industry links to set up centres of excellence in education and research. Even after graduating into the workforce, there are numerous opportunities for further training. Professional and skills-based training are offered and popularly subscribed to. International students prefer studying in Singapore because the country is well connected via sea, air and telecommunications to all parts of the world. The country’s international airport “Changi” has been nominated as the best airport in the world for many consecutive years. Singapore is considered as one of the most wired countries in Asia, with its strong communication networks.

Country & Culture

Republic of Singapore
short form: Singapore
Chinese (pinyin): Xinjiapo Gònghéguó
Malay: Republik Singapura

ISO Country Code: sg

Local Time = UTC +8h
Actual Time: Wed-Apr-25 16:06

Country Calling Code: +65

Capital City: Singapore
Literacy Rate: 93%
Type: Parliamentary Republic.
Independence: 9 August 1965 (from Malaysian Federation)
Constitution: 3 June 1959, amended 1965 (based on preindependence State of Singapore Constitution)

Location: Southeast Asia, islands between Malaysia and Indonesia.
Area: 597 sq km

Climate: equatorial, a tropical rainforest climate; hot and humid.


Nationality: noun: Singaporean(s), adjective: Singapore
Population: 4.4 million

Languages: English (official) PuTongHua (Mandarin Chinese, official), Malay (official and national), Tamil (official).

Currency: Singapore Dollar (S$, SGD)

Student FAQS

Do i need a Visa to travel and Student Pass to come to study in Singapore?
As a foreign Student you must apply for a Student's Pass if, you are accepted by an educational institution to pursue full-time studies in Singapore.

As soon you receive the Letter of Acceptance from the school which is valid for 2 weeks, the applicant must proceed to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) to apply for a Student’s Pass. For applicants who require a visa to enter Singapore, please ensure that your application for the Student Pass is submitted to the ICA at least 2 months but not more than 6 months before the course commencement date.

With the launch of EduTrust, all private education institutions will need to be certified with EduTrust to offer school placement for international students.

For more information, please refer to

How to enrol and what documents are required for Letter of Acceptance?
You need to fill & complete application form of the college, must submit the Copy of highest academic qualification and highest academic transcripts, Photocopy of passport/NRIC, Latest CV (if applicable for Masters degree application), One passport-sized photograph of the applicant and Program application fee.

What type of accommodation options available for students?
You may choose from different types of accommodation like:

University ~ Halls of Residence

Private Hostel

Room in public housing

Whole unit in public housing

Room in private housing

Whole unit in private housing

How much does it cost on an average for the accommodation in Singapore?
It is estimated that the international student needs a minimum of $ 750 to 1500 per month.

Can a international student expect any sought special support service from its Course Provider?
Yes. Most of the Educational institutions in Singapore provide few special support services to its international students. Some Institutions have a special International Students support Office to cater to the specific needs of such students. Assistance provided in the range from helping students to look for accommodation, to advice on financial, social and other matters. Please approach the college/university, International Students Office for more information and help during your education.

Am i eligible to study in Singapore?
Please fill in the enquiry form available and your query will be answered shortly.--------


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