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Why should anyone choose SBOEC over any other immigration firm?

  • One should choose SBOEC and its excellent team, for its unique services and for the   ability it has to implement the educational policies for a particular subject area.
  • Provides up to date knowledge to parents and students by participating in the   educational workshops, committees, and conferences.
  • Offers vast information about the colleges and universities pertaining to the job   oriented programs.
  • Excellent communication and written skills.
  • For its Ability to communicate well with the parents and the students regarding the educational programs.
  • Excellent leadership quality and good interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to recommend the teaching methods and instructional material.
  • Good decision making power and ability to evaluate the curricula for the students.
  • Ability to recommend the teaching methods and instructional material.
  • Ability to research in any particular area and having an analytical approach.
  • Good organizational skills and ability to motivate the people for implementing the   educational policies in an effective way.
  • Maintaining the excellent relationship with the students, institution and parents.
  • Helping the students to choose the right career for them.

Contacting SBOEC is very easy because of its Central Location in Chandigarh, India.











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  • Vivek Chaudhary

    Thank you very much SBOEC, Chandigarh, for help in study in Australia.

    Neetu Singh Suhag

    Doing my diploma in Social Work from Australia.Thanks SBOEC .

    Harsimran Singh

    I dreamed to go for my higher education in New Zealand. Thk's to sboec i am living my dream.

  • Amandeep Singh Gill

    I am writing to recognize SBOEC to guidance through my Degree in Software Engineering application process for USA. I had very Specific requirements with respect to my course and city. What i found special is that they showed high level of knowledge and awareness.

    Neena Prashar

    In my view, and my experience with SBOEC, they deserve to be appreciated for its work and assisting students with the right information in higher education sector.

    Sunil Sharma

    I appreciate the sincere effort put by SBOEC team to push my case and eventually get my admission through to a prestigious Australian college.